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John Black
Drake Hogestyn.jpg
Drake Hogestyn as John Black
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by: Robert Poynton (1985-1986)
Drake Hogestyn (1986-2007, 2008-2009, 2011-2013 & 2014-)
Duration: 1985-2007, 2008-2009, 2011-2013 & 2014-
First appearance: November 27, 1985
Created by: Sheri Anderson
Thom Racina
Leah Laiman
Family: Alamain family
Robicheaux family
Alias(es): John Robicheaux (name at birth)
Forrest Alamain [1]
Roman Brady [2]
John Stevens (alias)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Private Investigator
Residence: 715 Pinewood Avenue
Salem, Illinois
Parents: Timothy "Tim" Robicheaux
(biological father, deceased)
Maude Robicheaux
(adoptive mother)
Leopold Alamain
(adoptive father, deceased)
Philomena Alamain
(adoptive mother, deceased)
Siblings: Lawrence Alamain
(adoptive brother, deceased)
Marital status: Marlena Evans
(married) [11/2018-]
Past marriage(s): Marlena Evans
(invalid) [1986-1991]
Isabella Toscano
(dissolved) [1992]
Susan Banks
(invalid) [1997]
Marlena Evans
(invalid) [1999-2005]
Hope Williams
(divorced) [1999-2012]
Marlena Evans
(invalid) [2006-2008]
Marlena Evans
(invalid) [2009-2012]
Marlena Evans
(divorced) [2012-2014]
Hattie Adams
(annulled) [2018]
Children: Brady Black
(son, with Isabella)
Isabella "Belle" Black
(daughter, with Marlena)
Paul Narita
(son, with Tori)
Unnamed child
(with Kristen, deceased)
Donald "D.J." Craig Jr.
(step-son, deceased)
Eric Brady II
Samantha "Sami" Brady
Grandchildren: Tate Black
(grandson, via Brady)
Rachel Black
(granddaughter, via Brady)
Claire Brady
(granddaughter, via Belle)
Aunts & uncles: Vivian Alamain
(adoptive; paternal)
Daphne DiMera
(adoptive; maternal, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: Nicholas Alamain
(adoptive nephew)
Cousins: Quinn Hudson
(adoptive; paternal)
Stefan DiMera
(adoptive; paternal, deceased)
Jacob "Jake" Lambert
(adoptive; paternal)
Antony "Tony" DiMera
(adoptive; maternal)
Romances: Danielle Tremaine
(lovers; 19??)
Gina von Amberg
(lovers; 19??, deceased)
Diana Colville
(dated/engaged; 1987-1988)
Yvette DuPres
(dated; 1989)
Isabella Toscano
(dated/engaged; 1989-1990, deceased)
Rebecca Morrison
(dated; 1993)
Marlena Evans
(affair/lovers; 1993)
Kristen Blake
(dated; 1994)
Kristen Blake
(affair/lovers; 1995)
Victoria "Tori" Narita
(lovers; 1995)
Kristen Blake
(dated/engaged; 1995-1997)
Marlena Evans
(dated/engaged; 1997-1999)
Hope Williams
(affair/one night stand; 1999)
Katherine "Kate" Roberts
(dated/engaged; 2004-2005)
Ava Vitali
(lovers; 2008)
Marlena Evans
(dated; 2014)
Marlena Evans
(dated/engaged; 2015-2018)

John Black is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

Actor History:[]

  • Robert Poynton (11/1985-01/1986; recurring)
  • Drake Hogestyn (01/1986-10/2007, 01/2008-01/2009, 09/2011-06/2013 & 02/2014-present; contract & 07/2013; recurring)

Other Information:[]

  • Presumed deceased October 26, 2007 to January 8, 2008

Character History:[]


  1. Name when adopted by Leopold Alamain & Philomena Alamain.
  2. Was believed to be Roman Brady from 1986 to 1991.