Justin Kiriakis
Wally Kurth
Wally Kurth as Justin Kiriakis
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by: Wally Kurth
Duration: 1987-1991 & 2009-
First appearance: February 3, 1987
Created by: Leah Laiman
Family: Kiriakis family
Full Name: Justin Alexander Kiriakis
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lawyer
Residence: Salem, Illinois
Parents: Alexander Kiriakis I
(father, deceased)
Christina Kiriakis
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: None/unknown
Marital status: Kayla Brady
(dating) [??/2020-]
Past marriage(s): Adrienne Johnson
(divorced, deceased) [1987-1989]
Adrienne Johnson
(divorced, deceased) [1990-2010]
Adrienne Johnson
(divorced, deceased) [2011-2015]
Adrienne Johnson
(dissolved) [2019-2020]
Children: Unnamed child
(with Adrienne, deceased)
Alexander Kiriakis II
(son, with Anjelicia)
Joseph "Joey" Kiriakis
(adopted son, with Adrienne; twin)
Victor Kiriakis II
(adopted son, with Adrienne; twin)
Unnamed child
(with Adrienne; twin, deceased) {medical abortion}
Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis
(son, with Adrienne; twin)
Grandparents: Yurgos Kiriakis
(paternal, deceased)
Sophie Kiriakis
(paternal, deceased)
Great-grandparents: Demetrius Kiriakis
(paternal, deceased)
Antonia Kiriakis
(paternal, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Victor Kiriakis I
Titus Kiriakis
(paternal, deceased)
Deimos Kiriakis
(paternal, deceased)
Cousins: Isabella Toscano
(paternal, deceased)
Beauregard "Bo" Brady I
(paternal, deceased)
Philip Kiriakis
Alexandros "Xander" Kiriakis
(paternal, deceased)
Other relatives: Brady Black
Shawn-Douglas "Shawn" Brady
Chelsea Brady
Beauregard "Zack" Brady II
(paternal, deceased)
Ciara Brady
Tyler Wilkens
Tate Black
Claire Brady
Romances: Anjelica Deveraux
(affair/lovers; 1988, deceased)
(affair/lovers; 2015)
Eve Donovan
(dated; 2016)
Adrienne Johnson
(dated/engaged; 2017-2019, deceased)
Kayla Brady
(dating; 2020-)
Justin Kiriakis is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

Actor History:Edit

  • Wally Kurth (02/1987-02/1991 & 08/2015-present; contract & 08/2009-04/2014 & 02/2015-present; recurring)

Character History:Edit

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