Marlena Evans
Deidre Hall (2)
Deidre Hall as Marlena Evans
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by: Deidre Hall
Duration: 1976-1987, 1991-2009 & 2011-
First appearance: June 21, 1976
Created by: Pat Falken Smith
Family: Evans family
Gender: Female
Born: October 7, 1951
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Residence: Salem, Illinois
Parents: Frank Evans
(father, deceased)
Martha Evans
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Samantha Evans
(sister; twin, deceased)
Marital status: John Black
(married) [11/2018-]
Past marriage(s): Alexander "Alex" North
(dissolved) [19??-2005]
Donald "Don" Craig Sr.
(invalid) [1979-1980]
Roman Brady
(invalid) [1984-1994]
John Black
(invalid) [1986-1987]
John Black
(invalid) [1999-2005]
John Black
(invalid) [2006-2008]
John Black
(invalid) [2009-2012]
John Black
(divorced) [2012-2014]
Children: Unnamed child
(with Alex, deceased)
Donald "D.J." Craig Jr.
(son, with Don, deceased)
Eric Brady II
(son, with Roman; twin)
Samantha "Sami" Brady
(daughter, with Roman; twin)
Isabella "Belle" Black
(daughter, with John)
Unnamed child
(with Roman, deceased)
Brady Black
Paul Narita
Grandchildren: Mackenzie "Mickey" Horton
(granddaughter, via Eric)
William "Will" Horton III
(grandson, via Sami)
John "Johnny" DiMera
(grandson, via Sami)
Alice "Allie" Horton
(granddaughter, via Sami)
Sydney DiMera
(granddaughter, via Sami)
Claire Brady
(granddaughter, via Belle)
Great-grandchildren: Arianna Horton
(great-granddaughter, via Will)
Aunts & uncles: Robert Evans
(paternal, deceased)
Cousins: Trista Evans
(paternal, deceased)
Other relatives: Cassie Brady
(surrogate daughter)
Rex Brady
(surrogate son)
Romances: Donald "Don" Craig Sr.
(dated/engaged; 1977-1978)
Kellam Chandler
(he raped her, 1981, deceased)
Joshua Fallon
(dated; 1981)
Richard Cates
(dated; 1985, deceased)
Christopher "Chris" Kositchek
(dated; 1986)
John Black
(affair/lovers; 1993)
John Black
(dated/engaged; 1997-1999)
Roman Brady
(affair/one night stand; 2005)
John Black
(dated/engaged; 2015-2018)
Dr. Marlena Evans Black (formerly North, Craig, Brady & Bradford) is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our Lives.

Actress History:Edit

  • Deidre Hall (06/1976-04/1987, 09/1991-01/2009 & 09/2011-present)

Other Information:Edit

  • Presumed deceased April 1987 to September 1991
  • Presumed deceased May 2004 to May 2005

Character History:Edit

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