Jealousy, Hatred, Envy My gifted son attacked by what was called the less fortunate. In their midst, they want all deprived and mental as they compensate with drugs, bad sex, and excuses of old. Caught in a rut of mental depression, they attack anything they should have respect for, anything that can relieAve the mind, anything that let's them expound in an unlawful and sinful realm of poverty with the rich. Why are my lives paying for something they have nothing to do with, before their time, by the destitute and hungary? Why should I consider and be alarmed after years of toil and torment?

I sleep, I wait, for someone to send me a message of my legal rights and senses of another who is copying and playing me and my family to kill. Hunted and know not when the stalker will appear for more torture, more heartache and pain in out of their delirium.

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